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Perimeter Formation
Perimeter Formation
Mixed-media (remnant woods, stain, paint)
Overall approx. 9' x 6'. Each element approx. 27" x 20"

Perimeter Formation is another series that was developed during quarantine (from Spring 2020 – Fall 2020)This series(delayed during Hurricane Ida), has since been re-activated. Since many of us were confined to working from home, esp. during teaching, I did my best to re-purpose materials found around the home from other projects, on dog walks and other locations.
Initially, I created various emblematic forms, partly derived from studies in sketches, negative shapes from other projects and intuitively based on contours, colors, and textures inherent in the materials. I experimented with different layouts in the studio, while documenting smaller moments found around the home and environment as studies. I found that by arranging the physical forms, allowing voids and activating the negative shapes between them, to be visually interesting to me. This seemed to trigger other associations, such as emphasizing the focus of what’s in front, but ignoring or avoiding the context or serious issue that’s surrounding us all. For me, it was a metaphor for the condition of being isolated, yet still connected (mostly virtually with social media), as we were dislocated and floating during this time period. I continued to work with these forms and arrangements to arrive at the overall layout and title, “Perimeter Formation.” The title suggests an architectural approach to creating an overall environment for protection and survival, in anticipation of a confrontation. This duality fortifies the idea of being prepared, organized, yet still unclear of the objectives due to the unprecedented nature of the enemy (virus). I was also involved with creating a backyard studio for us during this time period. Having the opportunity to work on such a large-scale structure (a site-specific permanent functional sculpture of sorts) greatly influenced how I approached working on the smaller elements. I feel like experiencing the transformation of the studio building, also influenced how each element in the installation appears to be in flux, relying on the others in the collective, to convey its completion.