My work is an investigation of the clash between natural and industrial landscapes. I utilize surface exploration in found, reclaimed and recycled materials combined with the artifice of fabricated elements. I accomplish this by juxtaposing graphic iconography with weathered, organic imagery. Much of the imagery is referenced from Americana signage, folk images and business emblems. In addition, natural or organic elements such as leaves, branches and odd shaped parts counter these forms in the compositions.

I use familiar symbols and icons, such as hand and torch from a postmark to a wing and foot from a service station sign, that are expanded in scale, thus shifting their meaning. The other fabricated forms are handcrafted to reference machine molds, which were created for infrastructure projects. By recycling and repurposing these elements I attempt to give them new meanings that reflect upon the original design purpose as symbolic of progress and growth.

By documenting, distilling and altering these past symbols, markers and by-products, my work explores the contradictory ways in which we interact with the environment. Furthermore, it addresses current challenges of urban renewal and industrial development. Progress is achieved through ingenuity and hard work. It is my hope that this work encourages the viewer to consider the hard earned joy that can come when craft and engineering encounter the natural world in a considered way, that can yield serendipitous results.