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Drawing plan for installation, Perpetual Site, at Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery in New Orleans.

A dwelling is meant to be inhabited, interacted with and improved upon or at least, maintained. The very word implies action and engagement with the location. A structure can maintain an ambivalence, living somewhere between its past and its future. At times, its very essence is planted with one foot in the past, yet thriving in the present. These in-between areas are also seen in the landscape, where land is forever turning into water, water devours land and a blurring of lines occurs.

This work is about the preservation of nature, history and community. Elements from structures are repurposed and manipulated and combined with symbolic forms. Some of these structures are from a house we are currently working and living in. We see ourselves as guardians of the home, breathing new life into and preserving and protecting it for future generations.

Overall, this exhibit is asking the viewer to pause and take time to examine and appreciate old structures, habits and ways we interact with our environment. How can we be caretakers and give back to those things or communities that need help and guidance? Preserve and protect past mementos for future generations. Pass on the knowledge and material identity so that it will be cherished, respected and used thoughtfully for many years to come.

Perpetual Site Drawing
Perpetual Site Drawing
micron pen on paper
40" x 26"