Portfolio > 2017

Site (Feature Wall)
Site (Feature Wall)
ink, acrylic paint, repurposed wood remnants, shutter, moulding
9 1/2 feet tall x 5 feet wide

This work is composed of 2 previous unresolved acrylic panel paintings worked on prior to us moving to our New Orleans home. I created this assemblage out of various wooden remnants from house projects during the first year of occupying our new home (2016 - 17). I intended for this installation, which is site- specific, to be a place of contemplation but also a slight confrontation for the viewer. As you enter the home, you have a decision to go straight towards the wall or turn left and enter the main space. Upon approaching the wall, the viewer can explore how the color, surface and texture relate to the rest of the interior while also experiencing the overall composition. This is also an unusual artwork because it will never be exhibited in a traditional gallery, only online or when guests visit the home. I wanted to draw the viewer into the juxtaposition of the abstract relationship of formal properties of materials with the architectural imagery contained within the paintings. This work also is functional as both a barrier, entranceway and feature wall containing a walk-in closet on the opposite side. I also intended on blurring the lines between art and craft, allowing the viewer to experience the totality of the installation, without labeling it as such. The old wooden shutter at the top, mimicking the transoms above doorways, allows the work to "breathe" between the various spaces. This is also a metaphor, as we are adding our own touches and breath to the structure and history of the home. I hope this work will remain after we are gone and contribute to the story of its life.