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Scene-scape:recaptured moments
Scene-scape:recaptured moments
Mixed-media work on paper, mounted to wood panel, framed
Each 17" x 21" x 2"; overall 50" x 98"

This series was inspired by documenting imagery (architecture, construction projects and moments) captured during dog walks in our neighborhood and while in-transit, during quarantine. Drawings from observation and memory created a framework that I responded to in the beginning process. Compositions developed in an intuitive, montage-like fashion on remnant paper in the studio. Many of these paper pieces were from demos, used in preparation for other projects. There is a mixture of hand drawing, transfers, painting, collage, sanding and random marks created through spilling ink and paint over the surfaces. The layering of the materials and processes is akin to a collective memory pertaining to our situation during this transitional time of the pandemic. The works are individually framed, trim white, as would be around a window, for the viewer to peer into. I have also juxtaposed 2 window viewfinders with the works. It is my hope, that viewers will connect with the imagery and get a sense of the experiential nature, passage of time and landscape throughout the installation.