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Perimeter Formation
Perimeter Formation
Mixed-media (remnant woods, stain, paint)
99" x 68" x 6"

This project evolved from the transition during the quarantine period (Spring 2020 – Spring 2021), while we were working in a hybrid fashion, partly from home and in person. We were also constructing an outdoor backyard studio (we refer to as the outpost), utilizing remnant wood and objects from around the house and our area. For me, it was a metaphor for the condition of being isolated, yet still connected (mostly virtually with social media), as we were dislocated and floating during this time period. The project was put on hold following the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in Fall 2021. Fortunately the studio and our house survived fairly unscathed. I returned to fully working on the project in Spring and completed in early Summer 2022, while we were doing some final touches on the studio and other house projects.

The title implies an outer barrier/demarcation combined with multiple elements in a strategic position of defense. There is strength of the collective. I used various building approaches, such as: shell, truss, balloon framing and post and lintel, to create the emblematic shapes. A void is left in the center of the installation for the viewer to move around the edges in a clock-like fashion, either clockwise or counter clockwise. The passage of time is further suggested by the subtle transition of fully enclosed form at top (Terrain) to the semi-covered on the sides and fully open form at the bottom (Truss-Bay). There is a fragmented association between implied shapes in the spaces, gaps between the elements. The use of the weathered planes and surfaces, combined with various colors is akin to the challenges of the multiple home restoration projects over the years. The modular elements’ colors and forms are also associated with aspects of the terrain/landscape, coast/waterscape, combined with architecture and furniture motifs. Local colors from the house and landscape/waterscape are incorporated into the various structures. I also utilize leftover materials from house projects (such as old flooring, moulding, panels, etc.), keeping this material in circulation, adding its memory to the project. Working in the outside studio during this time of such uncertain weather, has greatly attuned me to the role of dwellings and our interactions with.

I would like the viewer to pause and consider the various ways we construct and adapt structures in our various environments during this time. I would also like to convey a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, design and structural integration of elements on a smaller scale.

There are individual titles to the works in this installation:

Terrain, Dormer, Bird-mouth, Truss-Bay, Fort and Shield.

There is also a working drawing/installation diagram that accompanies the installation.